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Monkey Dives

Welcome to Monkey Dives.
One of the best Malaysia Dive Centre in Perhentian island

Get your certification to explore the underwater secrets, anywhere in the world. Or upgrade your dive skill and explore more of the hidden underwater wonders.

What are you?

New To Diving

Get your Padi certification now and starts diving anywhere in the world.

Continuing Education

Explore our dive sites in Perhentian Island or become a Padi professional.

An image of a group of female travelers hanging out on hammocks at Monkey Dives, Perhentian Island

I Want To Hangout

Hangout with other travelers with 24 hours electricity and air conditioned dormitory.

for new divers

An image of a group of new diver learning how to scuba dive

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

If you are unsure, find out what scuba diving is like before you decide on getting your Open Water Diver Course.

An image of scuba divers taking open water diver course with Monkey Dives Perhentian Island

Open Water Diver Course

The first scuba certification level for new divers with exciting and rewarding experience underwater.

Continue Learning

A group of scuba divers diving deep with ok hand sign taking advanced open water course with Monkey Dives

Advanced open water diver course

Unlock the depth of the ocean and upgrade your skills. Must be certified as Open Water Diver.

2 scuba divers learning learning emergency first responder efr course with Monkey Dives

Emergency First Responder (EFR)

Learn important life saving skills and prepare yourself to handle any diving emergency.

3 scuba divers learning rescue diver course with Monkey Dives

Rescue Diver Course

Take care of the divers by learning to anticipate and respond to dive problems and emergency diving situations.

An image of scuba diving gears

Scuba Refresher

Been away for too long? Don’t worry. You can brush up your skills with our Scuba Refresher course.

2 deep scuba divers taking divemaster course with Monkey Dives Perhentian Island

Divemaster Training

Get your Divemaster course and experience the opportunity to assist instructors in dive courses and more.

So, are you a hardcore diver? Or maybe you want to stay longer in Perhentian Island? Check out our promotion!

Being one of Malaysia best dive center, our amazing crew is committed to make your trip here easier and fun. So, these are our current promotions!

Up to 40%

1. Padi Dive Courses Combo

RM496 off! + Food Voucher + accommodation + Free Gifts

Open Water gets you certified as a diver. But, Advanced Open Water gets you to dive deeper!

Open water
+ Advanced Open Water

• 6 Days/5 nights

• Open Water : RM1180
• Advanced Open Water : RM1000
• Accommodation : RM300 for 6 nights
• Food Voucher : RM15
Total Cost : RM2495


2. Hostel


Off If you stay for more than 7 nights


Join other travelers and stay in our cozy dormitory. With air conditioner and 24 hours electricity!

• 1 Night : RM50/night
• 7 Nights and above : RM30/night + Food Voucher

For Divers : RM25/night + Food Voucher

3. Fun Dives

The more, the cheaper

Explore the amazing Perhentian Island’s underwater at a discounted rate!

• 2 Fun Dives : RM170 (2D/1N)
• 6 Fun Dives : RM430 (3D/2N)
• 8 Fun Dives :  RM590 (4D/3N)
• Night Dives : RM140

*Price for 1 (one) Fun Dive is RM90
* Food voucher for 4 dives and above


Monkey Dives is just fun, wild and free. Just like the monkeys!

Join us and be a part of our Malaysia Dive Center in Perhentian Island. Monkey Dives will definitely make your day fun. Dive with us and join other fun travelers.

The Talk

Based on 185 reviews
I'm Kwanland
I'm Kwanland
Family laughter and fun. First I tried Discover scuba diving my first time diving without knowing how to swim imagine how good instructor is and I really see things differently from surface snorkeling . Before you get to the island please bring mosquito spray if you don't want to donate your blood at the ocean night. I came back and did Open water and advanced scuba diver here. Even you are solo traveller you would make a lot of Monkey friends just like you. They have scuba diving packages with accommodation (dorm & private room) with very very cheap and I think it's the cheapest price I see in Malaysia with love. The first place is always come up when I go Perhentian island "Monkey dives" just be like home.
Pascal Fuchs
Pascal Fuchs
I booked the package with 4 dives and 2 nights at the dorm. The environment is very chilled and the people are very friendly and nice. The dive sites from the perhentian islands are very beautiful with some wrecks and beautiful corals. Definitely more than worth a visit!
Andra Curutiu
Andra Curutiu
Had a wonderful experience. We stayed at Monkey for 3 nights and I did a Discovery Dive with Toni. I was a bit anxious at the beginning, but he did such a wonderful job at explaining things slowly and calming me down. The dorm is really conveniently located, close to the sunset point and the Windmill park. I really recommend the Monkey Dives experience 😊
Matthew Vandewalle
Matthew Vandewalle
Had an amazing time at Monkey Dives. Feel at home, dive when you want, chill, relax and party with the crew and join the family. Before you know it, 3 nights become 5, 4 dives become 6. Great pricing and good vibes all around.
Sharon Tögel
Sharon Tögel
I did two fun dives with Sarah and two with James and it was fabulous! They both are very responsible and lovely diving instructors that were always making sure everyone feels safe and has a good time. They have a good camera and send us their photos and videos afterwards which I really appreciated! The whole team of monkey dives is lovely and fun and I felt very welcome from the minute I stepped in. Thank you for a great time and see you again in the future! 💙
Maya Diprose
Maya Diprose
Absolutely amazing place! The people are awesome and really friendly, welcoming and fun particularly Sarah, James (diving instructors), Matt and G! Their dorms have AC and are comfortable and nice! (Also free coffee is a bonus!) I also went snorkelling with them and managed to see turtles, sharks and stingrays in just one day! Thank you for such a brilliant stay! I will be back whenever I can!
Iza Bela
Iza Bela
Welcoming and relaxed environment. Professional, friendly and very knowledgeable staff members: Sarah, James, Didi, Matt. Marvellous dive sites surrounding the islands. You just need to do it... with them! 😉 I only planned to do 2-3 dives. However, I ended up doing 8 dives in total (1 refresher, 1 night dive and 6 fun dives) A massive thank you to Sarah – I was really stressed before my refresher dive, your tips and a face-in-the-water exercise 😉 helped me a lot, thank you for all your support
ECHARD Guillaume
ECHARD Guillaume
Tout était parfait. On a plongée avec James pour faire notre Advenced (AOW). Il est un très bon instructeur. Les sites étaient très bien et très intéressants. On a pu voir tortues et requin. Meilleur prix sur l’île pour notre certification
George Brown
George Brown
An awesome dive centre. Sarah, James and the gang are all super friendly and knowledgeable. They're welcoming to experienced and beginner divers like myself.
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An image of Perhentian Island beach facing the sea

Let's Dive

With one of the best dive centre in Malaysia